mACAU aSSOciation of sLEEP hEALTH (mash)

More than half of the world’s population are sleep deprived. Sleep is fundamental to a person’s productivity, safety, and general well-being. Improving sleep quality and treating sleep disorders are not only an imperative part of personal care, but also a critical issue of public health. Macau Association of Sleep Health (MASH), founded in 2019, is dedicated to establishing the public’s understanding of sleep health and promoting a culture of healthy sleep, providing sleep quality monitoring as well as sleep counseling, and promoting the development of sleep health research in Macau. MASH is now targeting occupational groups with high risks of sleep disorders. Including shift workers and students. Meanwhile, MASH plans to engage with government, health, and education sectors to promote sleep research. In the coming years, MASH aims at developing into a network of clinicians, educators, and corporate leaders. Learning insights from and cooperating with established sleep health programs in other countries, MASH will strive to promote sleep health and make a meaningful impact on the well-beings of students, professionals, and patients in the Greater Bay Area of China.